Regenerative coaching, supporting wellbeing and resilience

connecting life with purpose, meaning and with the environment

Caring for the climate, and all life

If caring for the environment is your passion and focus, or aim to align your work to reconnect with a deeper sense of meaning that respects the environment, I acknowledge you.
Please message me directly if you would like to arrange an initial discovery meeting or talk about how coaching can support you.
As an experienced personal and business coach, I trained as a Climate Change Coach to support those seeking changes to address the climate and ecological crisis.
When we work or campaign as an activist in the crucial areas of the climate, environment and sustainability we can sometimes feel isolated, overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge, or that our actions accomplish too little, too late?
You may be carrying lots of emotions, particularly when considering the scale of the climate and ecological crisis. This is an offer to help those working in sustainability and the environment find greater resilience in what they do.

Beyond sustainability – developing a regenerative mindset

Connecting more deeply with yourself and with others and the environment can change the way we live and work. In the face of climate change and an ecological crisis, businesses and individuals seek to align more closely with their core values.

Coaching with CARE helps leaders, individuals and teams to develop a regenerate mindset, enabling them to move beyond sustainability. This powerful method will bring about a critical psychological shift in awareness, mindset and behaviour on the journey to your most challenging goals.


Ask about a ‘Free 1-1 Coaching Session’ to identify if coaching is right for you. I can only offer a few Free sessions per week, so if you are interested contact me to set up your 1-1.

The Climate Coaching Alliance   

I am delighted to be part of The Climate Coaching Alliance, a global community of diverse coaches, coaching psychologists, coaching supervisors, facilitators, and other leadership professionals, who work with individuals, leaders and their teams, community leaders and change-makers to support viable, inclusive practices to maintain a flourishing planet for future generations.