Coaching in support of those dedicated to social or environmental causes  

Thank you. I acknowledge you, and would love to offer coaching to support you

Free Discovery Session for campaigners and activists

Even if you are not sure how coaching may help, or you may not be able to afford a series of coaching sessions I would love to hear from you about your values, passions, purpose, anxieties or concerns. If you are involved in campaigning for, or activism on behalf of one of the many crucial social and environmental causes such as the climate, ecological and pollution crises we are all part of the same community.

You can contact me here to start a conversation.

Free 1-1 Coaching Session

I will work with you to identify the right coaching to suit your individual needs and objectives. Based on extensive experience my methods are effective in helping you achieve the results you want.

Ask about a ‘Free 1-1 Coaching Session’ to help you identify if coaching is right for you. I can only offer a few Free sessions per month, so if you are interested contact me to set up your 1-1.