How do we communicate better when it can sometimes feel that the whole world is changing? In the shifting sands of our fragile world, those changes may impact our lifestyle, families, work, and future.


In the past, we might have called upon learned strategies for dealing with change at certain times of our life, career and in businesses. The difference is that we may have encountered change at specific moments in time, like a passing experience or learning in the journey of life. Today, in the face of climate change, all of us are in this together, and no one is exempt. Although clearly, the impacts are greater and sooner for some than others, come they will, and change is inevitable for all.


A new way of communicating

So, what does this mean for communication, and why is communication at the heart of everything? The word “communication” originates in the Latin communicare, which means to share or to make common. When we start by embracing the essence of sharing and making common, we are called to a new way of seeing and thinking. Many of us have become accustomed to thinking of communication as conveying the message that we want to bring to others. In business, this has become a foundation for marketing communications, branding and positioning of companies, products, governments, countries, and individuals. This way of viewing communication is outdated and no longer fit for purpose, and so we need a pivotal change.


What if communication meant starting with the premise of sharing with all things and beings included in our thinking? First, this requires us to understand what is meant by all. Being in the middle of a global climate crisis and having been stopped in our tracks by a global pandemic has reminded us that we are all inextricably connected. Communication with all requires us to see the bigger picture and reconnect with the power of nature, the richness of biodiversity, the incredible variety of animal species, and the beauty and life-sustaining elements of our waters, soil, and air. Beyond this, we can go deeper and consider the impact of our actions on those who came before us, those who journey with us, and those that come after us.


Communicating sustainability

When we want to communicate sustainability in our business and brands, we must embrace thinking about the impact on all of those mentioned above. This shifts the narrative from a message about “us” to a message about “we”. What does our communication mean for us all? In business and marketing terms, this doesn’t mean that we no longer have a target market with whom we wish to communicate, but it does mean our message, product, services, and actions have been considered all and have relevance for all.


Communicating with emotions

Communication without feeling is empty. Emotions are a huge factor in how we communicate and in how we receive the messages that are placed before us. If we want to make our communication effective, we need to factor in emotion. For years, marketers and advertisers have known this and tapped into some of our deepest fears, anxieties, insecurities, hopes and aspirations. Yet, when these communications are based on the old thinking of communication of conveying our message to you, we risk bias, imbalance, inequity and, in many cases, significant harm and damage to our precious world and future.


The climate and ecological crisis require us to address the many emotions that lie above and beneath the surface. As a coach, a person, and a fellow human being, I experience and feel the shared experience with my clients in facing up to many of these emotions. Whatever your role, in personal or business life, it is important that we learn to accept and explore these emotions and feelings without judgement of ourselves or others. Communication is at the heart of all our relationships, the essence of our connection. When the world that we love, need, live, and work in is changing, we can learn from nature itself that we, too, need to adapt and rethink the way we see and communicate. The quality of our life, work and relationships depends upon it.


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