Have you ever wondered if there is a better way of living our lives, a better way of what we have come to know as the way of work? What if, for years, we have been missing the point?

I realise that for some this may sound like a dream, but tell that to Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks. This isn’t about a tweak here and a slight adjustment there, but the outcome might be better than you could ever have imagined.

In a recent conversation with my own personal coach, I was reminded of an experience and image that brings me so much inspiration and speaks of beauty, our inescapable interconnectedness with nature, and yet reminds us of our fragility. I was hiking with my wife and son some years ago, and whilst they carried on for some greater adventure on the via Ferrata route (climbing with steel cables, rungs and ladders fixed to the rock), I sat on the mountainside to absorb the view. Below was a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, whilst alpine flowers and trees surrounded me. As I sat immersed in this dreamy landscape, a beautiful butterfly landed on my boot and sat there for what seemed a good while. What incredible grace to have been visited by this precious lifeform.

As I reflect on this butterfly, I think about the beauty of the natural world. Its gracefulness and flight remind me to hold things lightly and not to become attached to thoughts and ways which are harmful or unhelpful. I am reminded of their struggle to survive, that offers a serious warning for us about how we continue to damage the environment through climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

If you took the time to read this post, thank you. I have worked as both a consultant and a coach, each founded on a completely different approach. As a consultant, I would be viewed as an expert, the “Harry Potter” who has come to advise and guide, with an expectation to provide answers. Yet, as a coach, the emphasis is different. Here the focus is on you, you have the power or the answers, and the coach is a safe partner, an equal, to hold the space, actively listen, reflect back and sometimes challenge mindsets and perceptions. So, I am not here with the top 10 tips for a better way of living our lives or working. I believe that collectively we can all find a better way. The only prerequisite is that we believe a better way is necessary and possible, and maybe we dream about what it is to go lightly.


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