Every day we experience one of the most precious and beautiful gifts. The experience of life itself. Yet this precious life all around us is hanging in the balance. So what is to be done?

Is it right to use platforms like LinkedIn to highlight the fragility of the very life that sustains and enriches us? I have often wondered about the purpose and value of social media. What do people want from LinkedIn? Perhaps some like to use it to inform, share, educate, connect and even develop new opportunities.

Previously, it had been my objective to share, and provide information which can benefit others. However, the vital question is, what is it that is of greatest benefit to us all right now?

In the last few years, it has become clear that whether we want to accept it or not our world is changing. Some may want to carry on as before with business as usual, with the belief that innovation, business, technology and know-how will bring the answers. However, the reality is, there is no longer anything that is usual. The world, business, lives, nature, and the climate are all in flux. With excessive heatwaves, wildfires, floods, wars, and the divisive actions of some governments and corporations, we are more vulnerable than we may be comfortable admitting.


As a result, I have completely changed my focus in support of helping people to recognise that it is perfectly normal to experience a changing flow of emotions, from the highs and lows of life including vulnerability, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, frustration, as well as gratitude, hope, love and compassion. So often many of these emotions have been suppressed, kept hidden and seen as weaknesses with no place in the world of business or the self confident. Not anymore.

Now, bringing benefits is no longer about marketing headlines, copywriting, clever straplines and USPs. Bringing benefits is in part about solutions to help in a changing world, but unless we engage and connect at a personal level with the deepest emotions, and a sense of CARE for all life then we will continue on the never-ending quest for satisfaction that is at best short-lived and at worst unattainable, resulting in our downfall.

My own personal journey has allowed me to meet some wonderful people who understand the need for us to reconnect with the precious life that is all around us. My focus will be on helping others to discover how they can reconnect with what is precious to them, feel empowered, build resilience, and find hope.

Like many others, I have transformed the focus of my life and work to address the challenges of the climate and ecological crises. I care deeply about our environment and how we can reduce pollution, living in a way that respects all life and reconnects with nature.

As an experienced personal and business coach, I have realigned my focus towards Climate Conscious Coaching to support those seeking changes to address the climate and ecological crisis. I have trained with Climate Change Coaches as a Climate Change Coach, and with the Climate Psychology Alliance as a facilitator of Climate Cafes, and in Active Hope and The Work That Reconnects inspired by Joanna Macy and Dr Chris Johnstone.

Please message me directly if you would like to arrange an initial discovery meeting or talk about how coaching, climate cafes or Active Hope can support you.

I am delighted to be part of The Climate Coaching Alliance, a global community of diverse coaches, coaching psychologists, coaching supervisors, facilitators, and other leadership professionals, who work with individuals, leaders and their teams, community leaders and change-makers to support viable, inclusive practices to maintain a flourishing planet for future generations.


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