Have you ever felt isolated? Maybe your views or understanding of things seems so much different to others. Perhaps your thoughts appeared to be out on a limb, out of line with your colleagues, boss, or even friends and family.
What else might be happening here? What emotions are linked to these feelings, what could be going on under the surface, and how could you choose to respond?


Connecting with our emotions

In our fast-paced lives, we can easily lose touch with our emotions. For some time, particularly in a world where goals, growth, development, aspirations and ambition have become an essential part of our self-worth, allowing time and space for our emotions have been ignored, but at what cost?

Our emotions are a vital part of our being, providing us with crucial information and when we are in tune with them, they enhance the richness of our lives, our environment, our families and communities.

Some emotions get labelled as bad, undesirable, or difficult, and it is, therefore, no surprise if we try to avoid them or brush them aside like another challenge to overcome. For example, anger and grief can easily be allocated into this group of negative emotions. The truth is, that there are no good and bad emotions, all emotions are valuable, to be listened to and understood. Indeed, in the face of global warming, a climate and ecological crisis, it is perfectly normal to encounter emotions of anger and grief. Anger that not enough is being done with the urgency required or anger at those continuing to minimise the urgency, or even slow the response. Likewise, grief at the loss of care for those who are already affected by these crises or at the loss of life-preserving biodiversity.

When we make space for these emotions we become more in tune with our core values, uncovering incredibly powerful values such as love, care, respect and empathy. Taking the time with our emotions can help us to find a deep sense of empowerment to act in support of those things that we love, respect and care for.


Finding connection

Connecting with ourselves is only one part of the bigger picture. Returning to the example of our emotions in the face of the climate and ecological crisis we might experience isolation when others might not wish to talk about them, believe that it is out of our control, or make us feel like the constant bearer of bad news.

In reconnecting with our emotions, we create the space and courage to stay with emotions where we may even feel pain, anger or grief. Staying connected with our emotions and what they are telling us can help us to neutralise these big emotions and to choose how we wish to respond.

If we ignore our emotions, simply push on through, or even avoid them through numbing and distraction we lose the power of connection, and in time may be causing greater harm than good to the wellbeing of ourselves and those we love. Leaning into our emotions can help us to rediscover a deeper connection with others, including all living beings, nature and the richness of this beautiful world.

In marketing and business, we talk about creating differentiation, uniqueness, and a competitive edge with the goal of benefiting our select group or organisation. What we have failed to see is the damage and divisions that this has caused and created, leading to a disconnect between us, the essence of life, nature, and a richer way of living, In essence, we have chosen isolation over connection. Now, it is time for change to become connected again.

I am delighted to be part of The Climate Coaching Alliance and trained as a Climate Change Coach working with individuals, leaders and their teams, community leaders and change-makers to support viable, inclusive practices to maintain a flourishing planet for future generations.


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