Remote Worker Self-Study Tool

The Remote Worker Self-Study Workbook is the ideal tool for people working remotely, helping them to create a work environment and processes that best suit their strongest behavioural traits.

Working remotely and hybrid working can be challenging, with a range of unique situations and requirements to which employees must adapt. In these new environments, physical and psychological distance applies between teams and leaders, and communication with others is different.
The requirements to schedule, organise and manage the workday require an entirely new approach to the conventional work environment.

The more you can adjust your routines, communication, and working to match your natural behavioural style, the more comfortable you become working remotely.

Key Work Factors
This powerful self-study workbook will help you become successful in remote work. First, we will look at five key work factors that help you become successful in remote work. All of them contain aspects that depend on how you organise your work and help you design the best way of working for you.
The key work factors are:

Key Mental Factors
The second part of the workbook will look at three key mental factors that you need to succeed in remote work. They all depend on you. We will provide you with some tips on how to develop them.
The key mental factors are:
My Attitude
My Trustworthiness
My Adaptability

Key Communication Factors
In the final part of the workbook, we will focus on the rest of the organisation where you work. Working remotely does not mean working without contact with/from other people. We will cover the three key contact factors to help you understand how you communicate with the rest of the organisation and how the rest of the organisation could communicate with you:
Communication – How To Communicate With You
Communication – How To Communicate With Your Team
Communication – How To Initiate Communication With Others


For businesses looking to support their staff, the Extended DISC Remote Worker Assessment and Remote Worker Self Study Workbook used in partnership with a personal coach is an invaluable help. In addition, our article on getting the best out of employees without facing burnout shares some useful tips.

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