What is it that makes a great leader? How can I become a more effective leader? What are the key steps that will take my leadership skills to the next level?

Even with unlimited access to global intelligence practically whenever we want and wherever we are, perhaps we are still missing the plot! Many of us may have grown up being taught that we need to learn from others, so called experts with the knowledge, and experience. Following the principle of “standing on the shoulders of giants” we seek out those who we learn to respect, revere, admire, worship and seek to follow or surpass.

We may have sought out best-selling books like ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey, or more recently surfed the internet to find the ‘5 essential qualities of a good leader’ (inc.com), hoping for a quick fix, or a proven system for leadership development and success.

What makes you an effective leader?

Let’s quash the myth here and now. There is no magic list, no checklist of the steps to success which is perfect for you.

Why? Because you are as individual as your fingerprint, you may have the same role as your predecessor, or even work in the same field as the successful leader who you respect, but you are unique and so is your journey. Following the path of the hero’s journey, you can surely learn from those around you, and from those who have made their own journeys, but this one is specific to you, and it’s you that holds the key (or the ring if you prefer).

Consultancy or coaching?

Having worked for many years as an award winning successful business consultant I am used to being asked for my advice and recommendations, based on my experience, knowledge and understanding of what works. Clearly the value of expert advice offered to an individual or business can be an extremely effective way of bringing in expertise when and where you need it, strengthening existing resources and delivering positive results.

Coaching offers something which can go even deeper than this. Coaching is not limited to the knowledge and expertise of the coach, it isn’t about imparting skills and expertise or training. It is all about you, about understanding you, your goals, ambitions, fears, concerns, challenges, and unlocking the full potential which is you.

Your very own coach will work with you to identify your very own goals, fully understand what being more effective is for you, and develop an awareness of what is right for you so that you can move forward to achieve them. With the right coach, coaching is transformational in unlocking your full potential, just ask Roger Federer!