If you feel worried about the future of your job during these unpredictable times it might just be the very time to re-invent your future.

For some, it may be the uncertainty about the furlough scheme, others may already have had their positions made redundant, whilst some may be experiencing a total change in the way they operate.

The reality or prospect of change may make us feel completely vulnerable. As Brene Brown states: “Vulnerability is not about winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.” It is this concept of courage, which is required at this time. If you haven’t discovered Brene Brown then I would highly recommend some of her books such as: ‘Braving the Wilderness,’ ‘Daring Greatly’ or ‘Rising Strong.’

So how best to make use of this time and ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day)? To follow the theme of the books above for those who can summon up the courage to brave the wilderness of stepping out into the unknown, the pathway of daring greatly won’t mean that we won’t fall. However, if we are brave enough, often enough, we will also find a way to rise strong.

Coaching to re-invent your current role
Coaching is such a powerful approach and is often confused with training and mentoring. Each of these is different in their own right and offer very different outcomes. Coaching is not imparting a new skill or technique, coaching is about you the individual, about your goals, about removing the barriers in your way and about unlocking your full potential.

Coaching will help you to improve performance and will also work on your understanding of behaviours and attitudes, enabling you to relate, communicate, influence and motivate others more effectively.

Coaching to re-invent your future role
Maybe now is the perfect time to re-think your next role or maybe you have the ambition or dream to start your own business. Which steps are most critical?

Some years ago I worked with a coach who was able to help me to gain a powerful insight into my goals, values, strengths and successes. The outcome was in 2006 I established my own consultancy, later the award-winning reach-mc. Since successfully setting up my own business I became passionate about giving something back to other business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals.

If you are looking at your next move, just remember that you are in control. Don’t wait for the market to improve, don’t wait for the right role to come along, invent the role that you want and create a plan to achieve it. Working with your own trusted coach can make a massive difference (I can vouch for that), be that career coaching, life coaching or business coaching.

In the aftermath of the 2007-2011 global financial crisis, I worked as an Ambassador for SME businesses across the UK northwest and as a high growth business coach. I fully understand the challenges of starting your own business, successful marketing and juggling the spinning plates whilst improving performance during the most challenging times.

Is it better to stick with what you know, continue to pursue the same job, seek to maintain the status quo, or do you look to invent your future?
Here too a trusted coach or business advisor can help you identify the right areas of focus, opportunity, and prove an invaluable sounding board as you plot the course to a better normal.

As the government seeks to continue to stimulate the economy and address large numbers of unemployed we will inevitably see schemes to support entrepreneurs. Following the 2007-2011 crisis at one stage, there were over 200 business support packages in existence, a total minefield of confusion for business owners to understand and benefit from.

My advice is, don’t miss this opportunity, don’t hold onto the status quo, make use of this time and invent the future.

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