Coaching to connect work with what you care about most

connecting work with purpose, meaning and with the environment…

Regenerative Coaching

  • Clarify your core values and goals
  • Align your life and work with your values
  • Find active hope in the face of climate change
  • Reconnect with the power of nature
  • Develop a regenerative mindset
  • Live and work more sustainably
  • Find a deeper self-worth
  • Regain your purpose in life
  • Remove blockages 
  • Build better relationships
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Cope with stress and avoid burnout

Align your life and work with your core values

Connecting more deeply with yourself and with others and the environment can change the way we live and work. In the face of climate change and an ecological crisis, individuals seek to align more closely with their core values.

Finding meaning and purpose in work that resonates with you is powerful. Create work and a lifestyle that is regenerative, contributing to society and future well-being.

The CARE coaching programme helps leaders, individuals and teams to develop a regenerative mindset, enabling you to move beyond sustainability. This powerful method will bring about a critical psychological shift in awareness, mindset and behaviour on the journey towards your most challenging goals.

The CARE coaching programme consists of 12 x 1-hour sessions of dedicated coaching.


Contact me to set up your 1-1 discovery session if you are interested.

Changing the way we work sustainably with

CARE is a personalised coaching programme towards a better way of working. Align your life and work with your values.

Regenerative coaching to unlock your potential to change the way you work. Business as usual is no longer enough. Sustainability needs to go further. 

Changing sustainability: find active hope in the face of climate change. 

Changing relationships: connect more deeply with others and the environment to transform life and work. 

Changing work: align your life and work with your core values.

Is coaching right for you?

I will work with you to identify the right coaching to suit your individual needs and objectives. Based on extensive experience my methods are effective in helping you achieve the results you want.

Ask about a ‘Free 1-1 Coaching Session’ to help you identify if coaching is right for you. I can only offer a few Free sessions per month, so if you are interested contact me to set up your 1-1.

How it works…

Coaching is not limited to the knowledge and expertise of the coach, it isn’t about imparting skills and expertise or training. It is all about you, about understanding you, your goals, ambitions, fears, concerns, challenges, and unlocking the full potential which is you.

The key stages in the executive coaching process include:

Initial meeting – to understand your individual needs and goals, what is coaching, the process, and how it can help.

Identifying individual objectives – explore and identify the desired goals and outcomes of the coaching. Where appropriate the individual’s manager can be included in three-way meeting.

Coaching structure – a flexible structure to suit the needs of the individual to clarify format, frequency, progress and evaluation. Understanding the role of the coach and the role of the coachee.

Confidentiality and code of ethics – all coaching is confidential and will be provided in line with the International Coach Federation Professional Code of Ethics.

Review and Evaluation – a clear process for review and evaluation will be agreed with the coachee at the outset to ensure continual progression towards the desired outcomes and goals.

If you would like arrange an initial meeting or wish to discuss your coaching needs please contact me or call +44 (0)161 969 4515.